25 November 2009

iPhones, iPod, iGalore!

3 illustrations available on iPhone and iPod skins! Get yours today! :) Part of your purchase goes to charity!

here are the links:
I'm also selling Mother Nature as a print, and is available [here]. :)

Later days!

29 September 2009

bright colours et. al

going to be doing a piece for Hypen Magazine inspired by jazz and indian artwork. ;) can't wait to get started on it! i love the colours in indian artwork, how can they get away with using hot pink like that?

also doing an animation project with ago pugliese for french television! more on that later!

check out the facebook group for newest work!

28 August 2009

Difficult women!

Almost done with the difficult women series!!

Click here to view the trailer of my clients new film, how to seduce difficult women

05 August 2009


just a little something fun!
a pattern i made with this image:

02 August 2009

facebook page !

Cryssy Cheung on Facebook

25 June 2009

how to seduce difficult women

a new series of 10 images for a client's film. something a little different then what i'm used to, but it's 100% sexy!!

11 June 2009

theory event!

last thursday's event at 205 chrystie was so much fun! thanks to everyone who came out!!

below was the flyer for the event - flyer by ted chevalier & artwork is my friend will by me.

03 May 2009


happy may!

almost done with school... forever! haven't been able to create anything new - but something is in the works! been busy putting a portfolio together & freelancing doing motion stuff.

my friend + amazing dj, DJ Far East, is part of a blog and has made a post about my work! :) check it out! [link]

posting more soon! here's a pic from the TWiN event!

and a pic of jake's work from the party : (couldn't take a good pic since the pictures were displayed in a narrow hallway. it's been photo montaged, haha)


23 April 2009


jake and i participated in this party tonight! real excited. :) 20 artists around NYC were given different music tracks, and from this we were to get inspiration from. then, we were each filmed drawing on a huge paper for 30 minutes with only a sharpie marker. at the party tonight, they're going to play the video time-remapped while the song plays. :) plus, open bars are always a good sign. :)

12 March 2009

CQ #14 !


Creative Quarterly #14 is out! :) -gold medal, student illustration section.


16 February 2009

launched ! note: not to be confused with lunched.

+ www.cryssycheung.com is launched, with new works too! :)

+ also, check out www.jakemakesdrawing.com !

+ here is a small sketch vector -


31 January 2009

some works

Here are some older works - more to come! Also, I am redesigning cryssycheung.com . A new year, a new look I figured. :D Will post more later once it's up! :)